[NWscouters] SSA & Covid News - Updated Safety Plan for Members Aug 2021

SCOUTS South Africa info at scouts.org.za
Thu Aug 5 16:47:03 SAST 2021

Dear Scouting member,

Please find the most updated Safety Plan for members below.

The amendments were made in the light of the regulations published by the Department of Basic Education on 1 August 2021. These regulations permit extra mural activities that include Scouting at Schools. It has further permitted that choir practices may start again. We have now allowed for singing at campfires, but masks must be worn at all times. Please see the regulations for the specific rules in place when conducting a campfire.

We have also updated the Safety Plan for Scout Groups, Workplace Plan for Halls and Campsites to be aligned to Level 3 and the Personal Declaration and Screening Questionnaire.  All the most up to date documents can be found HERE<https://www.scouts.org.za/members/covid-19-info-for-members/> or below:

  *   Covid-19_Capacity Compliance Certificate<https://www.scouts.org.za/wp-content/uploads/Covid-19_CapacityComplianceCertificate.pdf>
  *   SSA Safety Plan for members 2021_Level 3_3Aug2021F<https://www.scouts.org.za/wp-content/uploads/SSA-Safety-plan-for-members-2021_Level-3_3Aug2021F.pdf>
  *   Safety plan Scout Groups_Level3_ 3Aug2021<https://www.scouts.org.za/wp-content/uploads/Safety-plan-Scout-Groups_Level3_-3-August-2021.docx>
  *   Personal Declaration and Screening Questionnaire_Level3_3Aug2021<https://www.scouts.org.za/wp-content/uploads/Personal-Declaration-and-Screening-Questionnaire_Level3_3-August-2021.docx>
  *   Workplace plan for Halls_Level3_ 3Aug2021<https://www.scouts.org.za/wp-content/uploads/Workplace-plan-for-halls_Level3_-3-August-2021.docx>
  *   Workplace plan for campsites_Level3_3Aug2021<https://www.scouts.org.za/wp-content/uploads/Workplace-plan-for-campsites_Level3_3-August-2021.docx>

Yours in Scouting,

Gary Pienaar
Chief Commissioner

SCOUTS South Africa

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