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Regional Announcements: 10 August 2021

Scouting Resumptions

We are relieved that with the relaxation to Level 3 we can recommence with the small group outdoor activities and training as permitted under the previous Level 3 rules. For the larger groups out there, please note the restrictions on numbers for indoor activities and those relating to your available venues. Please make sure you comply with these rules.  It’s cold and most of our activities are likely to be indoors so let's make sure we do our Scouting as safely as possible.

Find the latest SSA Safety Plan for members –Level 3_ 26July 2021 HERE.<https://www.scouts.org.za/wp-content/uploads/SSA-Safety-plan-for-members-2021_Level-3_26-July-2021F.pdf>

Application for Adult Membership & Police Clearance

All members need to submit their AAM forms by 30th August 2021. This has been extended from the end of June to try and accommodate everyone.

We have received support to do our police clearance for all our adult leaders, we hope that we will be able to process everyone at once during the Regional AGM, hence we requesting everyone to please prioritise this form.

The forms were sent to your DCs, we have however attached the form to this email. Please email the complete form and copy of ID to the RTC Adult Support Tumisang Makgobi at tumisang.makgobi at scouts.org.za<mailto:tumisang.makgobi at scouts.org.za>. During the AGM we will have agents coming to do the Police Clearance for everyone at no cost, should you not be available to attend the AGM you will liable to do it at your own cost through SAPS.

Groups Annual Contribution

Groups that are outstanding with their annual contributions are requested to please fix that asap, the Region will be expected to contribute to the National Office by the end of September 2021.  If a group didn't pay their annual contribution, that will place the group in "bad standings", which might limit the group from any opportunities likes attending a funded jamboree or any special projects. Additionally, they will be charged a bit more to take part in any regional activities i.e. Training, Camps, Events etc.

Payment of R500 per group should be made to the below bank details:

Bank: Nedbank

Account Name: SCOUTS SA: NW Training Team

Account Number: 2008012905

Account Type: Savings

Branch Code: 198765

Reference: Group Name and Reg 2020/2021 e.g., 2nd Ikageng – Reg 2020/2021

2021 Regional AGM and Regional Youth Forum

The Region will be hosting its first-ever Regional AGM and Youth Forum in November 2021 at Mahikeng Scouts Centre, the conference will start on Friday mid-day and end on Sunday lunchtime.

The purpose of the conference is mainly to reorganise ourselves, take stock and check how far we have come, design and agree on a 5-year plan. This platform will be opened for all adult members from the Region and the youth members delegated from each district to form a forum, the Regional Team and the Regional Manco will be joining the conference as well. The costs for the conference will be R200 per person and may be reduced depending on the support we will be receiving. A more detailed correspondence will go out soon.

2021 Summer Camp Cancelled

It is with great regret to announce that the Regional summer camp will be cancelled this year due to the current covid 19 restrictions, should restrictions be uplifted it will still not give us enough time to plan, however, we encourage all districts to have their own summer camps in their respective Districts. This will also allow Districts to plan properly for the year 2022 and take stock of where they standing.

In addition to that, we will be realigning our awards ceremony to BP Sundays from now on and not the Summer Camp.

Potchefstroom District Commissioner Position vacant

The DC post for Potchefstroom District is still vacant and we encourage those who will like to apply to do so before the 30th of August 2021.

We are looking for someone who currently resides at Potchefstroom and has extensive experience when it comes to Scouting. Someone who is willing to support Groups on the ground, enable the activities in the District, protect the reputation and good standing of SSA in the District, encourage the growth of Scouting in the District. If this is you please apply, see the job description<https://www.scouts.org.za/wp-content/uploads/District-Commissioner-January-2020-v0.1.pdf> and apply using this application form<https://www.scouts.org.za/wp-content/uploads/Role-Application-Rala-1-May-2020-v4.0-1.pdf>.

Members may also nominate each other by filling in the nomination form<https://www.scouts.org.za/wp-content/uploads/2014/04/Nomination-Form-for-Region-District-or-Group-Position-v1.0.pdf>.

Plastic Tide Turners

Groups are encouraged to register for the tide turners challenge with Pablo Mogotsi by emailing him at pablo.mogotsi at scouts.org.za<mailto:pablo.mogotsi at scouts.org.za> before the end of August 2021. There’s material already available but can only be received once the group has registered for the challenge.

Census 2021

Census is due by 30 September 2021, we encourage all groups to submit their census by 15 September 2021 to allow the Region to consolidate everything together.

Take Stock and Organise

For the past couple of months, the RC has been asking all the DCs and RTCs to organise their offices and take stock. This means we need to understand how the ground looks like and start working in a more organised manner. The same message goes out to the groups, to please organise your house and start being more productive. Despite a lot of training, one of the reasons why we struggling to produce Springboks, Leaping wolves and BP awards is because we fall short on being organised.

POW WOW 2021

The Gauteng Region invites all registered Pack Scouters, Assistant Pack Scouters and Pack Helpers from around the country to join the 2021 Pow Wow with a difference.

On Friday 24 September face to face activities per Region will take place – Covid lockdown permitting, followed by online sessions on Saturday 25 September. The event will be held at Zirabe Lodge (N12 between Potch and Klerksdorp). The event will cost each individual R400,00. A down payment of R200 will be needed by the 15th of August 2021 and the rest will (R200) be needed by the 20th of September 2021.

World Scout Conference and World Youth Forum

It gives us great pleasure to announce that two of our very own will be joining the World Scouts Conference delegation, Our RC Thabiso Majola and the Young Leaders Rep Tumi Phele will be part of the team representing Scouts South Africa at the 42nd World Scouts Conference / 14th World Scouts Youth Forum. We say BRAVO.


  *   Please be on the lookout for the new price list for Scouts Centre
  *   Invitation Letter to the 2021 AGM/Youth Forum
  *   Group Invoice for the Annual Registration
  *   Appointment Announcements

Thank you.

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